Therapeutic Percutaneous Electrolysis Is the revolutionary technique for the treatment Of Tendinopathy. It consists of the application of microcurrents through an acupuncture needle. Benefits:- Painless technique, - Rapid recovery of Tendinopathies,- Effectiveness of almost 100%


Unit of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

We Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation unit providing highly specialized care in prevention, care and hospitalized patients in outpatient consultations. This unit is to restore patients the skills of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems that have lost, making quickly reintegrated into their work and family life.

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Expert Monitoring

In this unit we have a close communication with the treating physician and performed:
*Physiotherapy evaluation
*Integral rehabilitation in orthopedic subspecialties in hand, knee, foot, spine, shoulder.
*Scaling Barthel test
*Physical therapy in hospitalized patients
*Education in home caregivers and family plans.

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